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VU 003

 La T, by FTOR

tracklist :

1 T1 13'06
2 T2 4'40
3 T3 10'00
4 T4 20'24

This is VU003.

Mastered at VU, Paris, Spring 2016.

Photo by Balthazar Maish. Céramique La T de FCK/Frédérick Gautier — graphic design M Welfringer & Mathilde Ramadier


Vinyl or Béton CD editions

Limited edition of 30

VU 002



GO AWAY, by MXLX (songs)


tracklist :

1 I Am Not a Functional Human Being 5’22
2 Wretched Thinking 3’40
3 My Fortune In the Asteroid 3’46
4 The Hate (Continues) 4’25



1 You Are the Worst Thing 3’39
2 Why Are You Still Alive? 3’43
3 Pomegranate Angel of Death 6’16
4 A Parting Gift 0’58
5 Here Comes the Train 4’35

Hammered Out (By The Dickhead MXLX Heselfalone) In A Time Of Poverty And Depression, Summer O’2013. Crank’d Down Despondent At Terminal Radge (Croatoa Rip Til She Rise Again)! More Than Ever Now. This Hollering Wreck Is Dedicated To The Unable Discontent. The Radge. The Queer. The Inept. The Autistic (And These True Are Autistic Blues)! I Usually Am Pitgazing And Howling At Myself. Yet “Why Are You Still Alive” Goes Out To Angie Marisia Walker – Fuck You. Vile Rapist. Destroyer. Your Continued Existence Plagues Me. I Am Yet To Watch You Burn. Goodnight Friends. Sincerely. Yr Everlovin MX LX xx


This is VU002.


Mastered at VU, Paris, Winter/Spring 2014.

Drawing MXLX — graphic design M Welfringer


digital & vinyl preorder out 12/15/2014

Transparent white vinyl and black sleeve

Limited edition of 200


VU 001


破地獄 [scattered purgatory] - BURIAL CHAMBER SESSIONS


A 1 - Patāpana 釜煮 11’37
2 - Old Universe 太虛 14’21

B 1 - Cloudborn 雲生 23’21


破地獄 [scattered purgatory]
Scattered Purgatory is a direct translation of “破地獄”, in reference to a Taoist ritual that believes people who committed suicide or had an accidental death will stay in a City of Innocent Deaths (枉死城). This ritual is held by those who are still alive, to open the city’s gate and save the spirits from suffering.

釜煮 Patāpana - The hell of boiling caldrons is one of the Eight Burning Hells in Buddhism beliefs. We finished this one on a midsummers day, with almost 40° Celsius outside, so that is the inspiration.

太虛 Old Universe - This is the ancient name of "outer space" in Mandarin, which also means formless, « void », shapeless chaos. This name came from the first time we tried to record our demo by using a H1N mic, but we did it in wrong format, turned out to be some cassette blown out - like sounds, but actually worked out in a good way, so we decided to keep it.

雲生 Cloudborn - simply named because 破地獄 live under a dead volcano, there's cloud walls when it's raining. All three of us live under the mountains in the north side of Taipei city, the most misty and humid place in Taiwan, so… this is it, where the cloud was born.

Graphic design

out 2/14//2014





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Le catalogue VU est également disponible chez les disquaires suivants :

- Souffle continu, 22 rue Gerbier, 75011 Paris

- Born Bad records, 11 rue Saint Sabin, 75011 Paris

- Pop Culture, 23 rue Keller, 75011 Paris

- Music Fear Satan, 4 bis rue Richard Lenoir, 75011 Paris

- Ballades Sonores, 1 avenue Trudaine, 75009 Paris

- Phonopolis, 207 rue Bernard, Montréal, CA


More record shops interested? Contact VUrecords! contact[at]

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"Eastern Cult Drone Trio", Taiwan.

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